making a portable object not be described in description?


how can i make an object that can be taken but not described in the room description?

Let’s say the object in question is the bell.

Before listing nondescript items: 
    if the bell is marked for listing: 
        now the bell is not marked for listing;

Adapted from example #335: Rip, in the Inform manual – if you want a bigger example.


I’m new to i7, as i copied and pasted it over there, the following error happens:

if i type it like so:
[size=120]Before listing nondescript items: now the bell is not marked for listing;[/size]
it has no errors but that object is still listed

Make sure everything that looks like about five spaces in a row is actually a tab, so:

Before listing nondescript items: {tab}if the bell is marked for listing: {tab tab}now the bell is not marked for listing;

Often, code with proper tabs gets reformatted by the message board or email clients to have spaces instead. This is actually a problem if you copy-and-paste from the documentation itself, too – at least in my IDE, which is the OSX version – but if you use the little button that looks like a tiny screen with tinier words on it (or a box full of dotted lines) next to the example, it will automatically insert the code from that example into your text, with proper formatting.