Making a game set in a single website

Hello all!

So I have this idea for my next game that it’s basically a website. The puzzles would mainly consist of keywords/passwords/hidden hyperlinks to things like hidden footage, audio recordings/transcriptions, secret documents, etc. I want it to be pretty free form, and let players discover and dive deep into what they’re interested in and the secrets that they find.

I’ve only ever made IF games using Twine, and this is definitely something I’d want players to make in a browser. Does anyone know of any engines or some useful formatting guidelines for Twine/CSS I can use to achieve the “exploring a fictional website from 2007” type look?

Edit: i should specify a bit more. Ive only made games in twine using Harlowe, specifically 3.2 or later.

Assuming you use Sugarcube…depending on how much you want to strip down the engine you have a few choices.

First is the Bleached theme, which makes everything white instead of black.

Second, you can get rid of the sidebar with $('#ui-bar').remove(); in a passage tagged script, which gets you close to a plain web page.

Past that it is up to you. If you look at Sugarcube’s built-in stylesheets you will be override things more easily. You can also use your browser’s built in element inspector (Firefox, Chrome) to pinpoint CSS paths.

Finally, you might be interested in looking at the game Excalibur which attempted something similar, though I do not know if there are any source files.

Oof, thats on me, sorry. Ive used twine for my other games, but specifically Harlowe 3.2 or later, so ive never used sugarcube :confused:

Really appreciate the recommendations and the example! Ill definitely be checking out Excalibur. Even if source code isnt available, knowing its possible is good enough for me! X)

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