Making a basic device that turns on and changes description

hello! im new to inform, and im trying to make a super basic game. it has a computer that you can examine, and im trying to figure out devices, so that the player can turn it on. and then when they turn it on, the description changes. is this something i can do? ive looked at the book but i don’t understand how it explains devices. any help would be amazing, thank you!


Congrats on getting started with Inform! This is easy to do, since devices are built into Inform (you can read the documentation on them, plus some examples, here). Here’s a simple example to get you started:

The lab is a room.  

The computer is a device in the lab.  The description of the computer is "[if the computer is switched off]The monitor is dark[otherwise]A standard desktop is displayed on the monitor[end if]."

Here’s the doc on text with variations:

(WI 5. Text)

note that the description will say whether it’s on or off unless you suppress it.

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thank you so much!