Make <<timed>> <<include>> run in sequence

Twine Version: most recent as of yesterday (which I think was last updated Jan. 3) (can’t figure out how to find the version name)

I have multiple passages that run under <<timed>> macros, which I’m grouping together using <<include>> (basically treating passages as folders). However, they run in parallel instead of consecutively. How can I fix this? I considered adding a variable that would change as each passage finishes, but that would take a while and I figured I would ask the community for an easier way first. I know I can just put everything in one passage, but I want the divisions for organization and faster testing.

Thank you in advance!

example code

Passage 1:

<<timed 0s>>
Hello <<next 1s>>
world! <<next>>

Passage 2:

<<timed 0s>>
How <<next 1s>>
are <<next>>

Passage 3:

<<include [[Passage 1]]>>
<<include [[Passage 2]]>>
/* ideally passage 1 should finish, then passage 2 should run */

First thought, untested: can you time your passage 3? If your passage 1 needs say two seconds, you time so your passage 2 is included only after said two seconds.

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Like this:

<<timed 1s>><<included "Passage 1">>
<<next [total-time-passage1 + more-seconds>><<include "Passage 2>>

though it is still not super recommended to nest <<timed>> macros, mainly because it’s such a pain to test and fix…

Hm, if that works, then I’ll use that until I (or someone else) find a better fix. Thanks!