Major Smarter Parser update

I’d be honored! :slight_smile:

I just checked, however, and I see that there are some tweaks and bugfixes on my version that have not made it to the Inform site. Please use the latest version, and I will contact Mark about updating the version on the Inform site.

If you plan to make any changes to Remembering, let me know and I will remove any outdated sections that interact with it. (I wish they had included a “for use with/in place of Version X or lower…” directive)

Thanks Aaron. I’m using a couple of other extensions (Assumed Conversers, Menus, Keyword Interface, Variable Time Control, Exit Lister…) Not sure why any of these would conflict on Understand “yes” as a mistake, etc. But I’ll dig into it.

Happy to hear about the body parts and other improvements. (Ok, that sound weird.)