Magnetic Scrolls interpreters

I finally located my old copy of Wonderland and I’m eager to play it again, but the windowed interface of the original game is just painful.

Is there an interpreter for any platform that supports the extended features of the game like the map, compass, and music? It runs fine through Magnetic but it seems to be limited to text and graphics.

I thought Magnetic played sounds too. Guess I was wrong.

Can’t you turn off individual windows? Screenshots I’m seeing seem to have an “X” button at the top-left of each window, can’t you turn off the ones you don’t need and rearrange the ones you do?

Yes it’s flexible, you can move windows and turn them off. It’s just cumbersome compared to modern solutions :slight_smile:


just to add some more information: To my best knowledge, Magnetic is the only Magnetic Scrolls interpreter available so far. The game music should be supported with the 2.3 release of Magnetic. Magnetic 2.3 is available for most of the current platforms like Windows, OS X, Linux, and some more. At least the Windows, OS X, Java and the online version do support the music scores (although the Java port is badly outdated). Only Wonderland had in game music and this is played in the original MIDI format, so perhaps there is a problem with the MIDI playback on your machine?!?

Compass, Maps (and the pictures’ icons and menus) are not supported so far. They are closely related and I tried to reverse engineer these parts, but didn’t succeed. The map system is quite complex, the map is divided into several levels and sections and there was still too much left to decode. Maybe I will start another try at some time, but considering my current time schedule that won’t be happen until 2050 :wink: