Magnetic Scrolls games

In celebration of Magnetic Scripts being released, I thought it might be nice to discuss our favorite MS games or favorite features.

I played through Corruption just over two years ago, and I was impressed that it seems like there might be two different paths through the midgame (although it’s unclear if both give you a full score). Also, the ending was stronger than the other MS games I’ve beaten (it seems MS endings are sort of notorious for being bad).

Jinxter was recently covered very well on Jimmy Maher’s Digital Antiquarian blog. Even if I doubt I’ll ever beat it since it just seems to get too hard and under-implemented as the game goes on, I still find it quite charming. It also was one of the first instances in IF where a game’s change in tone took me by surprise in an admirable way (it’s a fleeting, almost-meaningless scene but it had quite an impact on me).

Fish! is another favorite although I find it quite frustrating. Love the writing and the mini-scene set up of the first act, but the harsh time limit on the second act sucks almost all of the charm out for me. In a world where I could remake any MS game I want, I think I’d want to redesign this one the most. Oh, and the ending was horrible. :laughing:

I loved Fish!, I really did, but yes that time limit at the end was CRUEL! I was optimising my moves when I played, achieving things then restoring to achieve them again in the smalles amount of moves, but I still ran out of time because I kept traipsing back and forth (because I wasn’t playing via a walkthrough). Not to mention that dastardly faux-maze and a special über-heavy inventory item, and the detective-like assumption you have to make that I totally missed!

Despite all that, though, I really did love most of it. It was fun, energetic, and different.

Corruption is totally the sort of game I don’t like almost by design. I gave it a go, once or twice, and I doubt I’ll be playing ever again. I loved the feelies, though - the tapes. It’s very atmospheric, too.

Come to think of it, that’s something the MS games drip - atmosphere.

My grandfather bought Wonderland for me for $29.99 from Walmart back when it first came out. I really had a lot of fun with that game, but never finished it. I because very stuck and frustrated with trying to figure out how to straighten a coat-hanger of all things. I plan on revisiting it one day…