Maerd Trailer - new trailer for IF game

This is an early trailer for the Save Point demo project “Maerd”

Feedback is welcome!

Fantastic renders. However, the trailer doesn’t show how the gameplay UI will work. For example, do you make choices (eg) by going through portals or are there text menus. Also, do you operate your “cat” as third person and move about, or is it point-and-click, or how does it go? Interesting work.

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We are using this demo to kind of test and refine how the choices are implemented. It’s very basic so far, but essentially we are leaning towards a final stylistic of the split screen animated choices seen in at the end of the second video, which is just a quick test of corridor maze traversal, and the transition seen in at the end of the first video, where every following cell does a few seconds of “previously on” since that transition feels the most natural and seamless out of what we’ve tried so far. Anything you see here is alpha state, and does not represent the target quality.

Nice video. The cat animation is a lot better. Your split screen choices look good, but what if you have more than two options. You might consider instead a traditional overlay box with a list. I know that doesn’t look as nice, but it does the job and most people are going to be impressed by the graphics to complain about the choice box.

Thanks, I appreciate the feedback. I’d consider that overlay list for some cells, since I definitely will have to make some that have 4 or six choices. Right now is a time of experimentation, where I’m just trying to set precedents for the quality of what follows. Eventually this is designed to expand to many content providers once the main story launches. The thing that the split screens sort of address is that it can be difficult at times to make the choice clear within the film,

I’m also interested in feedback on the cash prize concept. It seems like kind of a fun tower defense game to me to just throw a bundle of cash in the middle of the maze and try to build it to be difficult to break. Right now there are only about 50 cells, so I couldn’t defend a 20 dollar bill overnight, but I’m constantly expanding it.