[MAC OS VENTURA] will run smooth on…

… a basic 2017 MacBook Pro?

Anyone has a direct experience? My wife’s Mac is becoming obsolete and she will never be willing to buy a new one after JUST six years.

Thanks all!

I’m still hanging with Monterey 12.6.5 (21G531) on my relatively new Mac mini.

In my experience Apple is pretty good about not letting someone upgrade if their hardware won’t handle it, and since they also manufacture the hardware they’ve done all the tests. And most of the times I’ve successfully upgraded between named operating systems everything goes smoothly and is an improvement - unless you have an inherent hardware problem with your machine. I babied one of the white plastic iMacs with a borked hard drive with an external boot drive for years.

The thing to make sure about is that all peripherals and critical apps you are using are compatible with the new system. I had to do a major rollback once that took me back in time where my bluetooth keyboard and mouse weren’t compatible and had to borrow some wired ones to drag myself into the future where they were.

(Don’t upgrade your system while you have an important work in progress that relies on a specific piece of software - which may or may not not apply to you wife.)

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I think Inform and Spatterlight will run, so I’m fine.

Honestly, she just uses it for emails and Google docs. The problem is in Google Sheets under safari, which doesn’t load files anymore: it loads them 95% (and the sheet is visible) but then a popup opens in the middle saying “there are problems loading etc, clear your cache”. Clearing the cache changes nothing (also in hidden mode).
Sheets work fine under Chrome so it’s no big deal. But I can’t stand the sight of whatever the OS she’s using at the moment :slight_smile:

ETA: if upgrading slows the mac like 12% I’m outta the door because “YOU BROKEN MY COMPUTER I DONT LOVE YOU ANYMORE11!1!1”

It’s pretty smooth on my 2016 Pro, only a year behind hers. I used this tool.