Mac I7 IDE: Skein, Transcript, and Replay bugs

I’m continuing to experience problems with the skein, transcript, and replay features.

Sometimes when I edit the source and hit cmd-R or “play to here” in a transcript, the game chokes and stops at the first turn. This is often accompanied by the disappearance of the current skein branch, and occasionally a few of the commands from near the bottom of the branch will be executed, but at the beginning of the game instead of where they’re supposed to happen.

I can’t figure out how to duplicate the problem. Has anyone else noticed this?

That used to happen back in 5Z71. Replay just didn’t work right on the Mac – intermittently, exactly as you described. There was some discussion at the time, but I don’t remember if anybody ever reached any conclusions about what was going on.


Yes, it’s annoying - the replay function hasn’t worked for me the past several releases except on very rare occasions. I haven’t figured out if there’s any pattern, it seems completely random.

Is it worth reporting anyway? I notice this possibly related bug is also not easy to reproduce:

It might be related to that last bug, but my guess is no. (I don’t have a useful guess for what the problem is, of course.)

I had the same skein and replay problems way back (a couple of years ago), and the result is that I stopped using them, so I can’t tell you if they’ve gotten better. I suspect the problem has been lurking all this time.

I’ve noticed that replay works much more consistently if you start playing using a “play to here” button in the transcript. If you don’t, it pretty much never works.

Yes, please file a report, so it doesn’t slip under the radar. If you have any other observations like

include them too; I’ll see what I can do to help make it consistently reproducible.

Reported here: