Lynnea's Reviews

Good news all! I got a job at a game company, and the Legal Department just gave me permission to be a judge and post my reviews (they have a policy against employees posting game reviews - you could see how sketchy that could look if I reviewed my own games or the games of competitors). I will post my reviews at … -2012.html starting today.

Also I got married early last November, and my name changed but whatever!

Hooray on all fronts!

Hey hey hey!
Nice pic you’ve got in that blog. Too bad you are married. And too bad I’m too.

Anyway: I sense you found a loop hole in my game! That should be a new achievement. Do you have a transcript? Or, else, can you send me an explanation on what you did at the end of the game? I hope I Made myself non-spoilery clear [emote]:)[/emote]

Game is Andromeda, anyway.

(Thx for the kind words)

Well… you will have to excuse me but I couldn’t figure out how to get Gargoyle to spit out a transcript (I played on Zoom previously). But from the Train Station I went S (high corridor), S (high corridor), NE (Northeast laboratory), Down (Waste Duct), W (Waste Duct), W (Waste Duct), Up (Power Control Room), NE (High Corridor), N (Train station). And then monster.

Congratulations on getting married!

So you’re no longer an atheist? Oh well, congratulations anyway [emote];)[/emote]

Your company has way stricter rules than the ones I worked with. I was allowed to continue working as a professional journalist, no problems, but I guess things have changed a bit over the last few years.

Thanks for the well-wishes all! :3 I will try to write up those reviews quickly.

Aaaand, reviews are now finished. Enjoy! :slight_smile: