lvl 9 Snowball help me for the love of sanity

ello…lvl 9’s snowball…i’ve followed the walkthrough instructions for digging up the frozen crew member…and it seems i’m doing something wrong…
the member code is :- Green (mortuary)
green,green,orange,brown,green red
so…its down at the 1st green,brown button in the lift,green/orange/brown door…and brown/green/red for the coffin…am i right ? if not,where am i going wrong >.<

54 views & no replies…this is looking a little ominous :-/

Have you looked at the hints, the clues, or the solution at CASA?:

thank you,its the same walkthru as another site i’d been using,but with a little perseverence i’ve managed to sort it out…case closed :slight_smile: