Lucida meets Inform

Just wondering how to integrate something like Lucida (or siri) in order to give order to Inform (in fact, simply transform words into text). That discussion took place in that forum in 2012 but thing may have change…
if someone is a programmer and is willing to work on that with me, please email me.

If you are using an interpreter on iOS, you can turn on voice input for any app by pressing the microphone button on the on-screen keyboard. This works in iOS Frotz, for example.

In MacOS, you can turn on voice dictation in System Preferences, Keyboard, Dictation tab.

Thanks Zarf. I don’t know ios very well. Nor Frotz…
I’d like to create a game for mobile devices in which you could either type text or just give vocal orders. Maybe it already exists ?

For Android, Incant was made by Q P Liu specifically for audio input/output. This video is 3 years old and a lot has advanced with the new popularity of voice: …

This is an open source app that has sat on Github for 3 years, I revived it in December and will publish it on Google Play if people desire.

Oh ! Thanks Allen ! That’s really close to what I’d like to do ! But I’d like to do something really more active / fast / with pace… Closer to real roling playing (in french we say “table JDR”)
If I can write a story with inform and make it run with this app, I’d be really happy !
Thanks a real lot ! That would be great that you participate to that !

You are welcome to try the app out, link to Google Play: … ity.incant - the menu on the opening page has 3 checkbox options to control the audio.