LucasArts shutdown

fockers. wasn’t it enough to ruin Pixar and Marvel?

I’m not as miffed as I might have been, given that the studio had devolved into a machine for churning out Star Wars games. The adventure game talent had long since moved on (to Doublefine etc.).

yes, most probably

but that SW 1313 was so highly anticipated…

Yeah, I can’t name anything they’ve done in the last decade. This seems more like a formality than anything.

copy that. if anything, that’s a clear indication that another past has gone for good.

What’s really sad is that they never made a Star Wars SCUMM game, it could’ve been awesome.

But hey, a quick Google found this:

hanso load ventures??

Yep. It’s a softporn Lost spinoff.

I was sorrier when Sierra officially closed its doors. LucasArts hadn’t been itself for a long time.

It still makes me sad, though. End of an era and all that. Sure, the era ended many years ago, but now it’s official.

While we’re meandering, anyone played Les Manley?


Well, there were those Monkey Island special editions within the last handful of years so Lucasarts, at least, had the sense to know that they could milk some more money out of us. Not that those were great nor was there any real hint that they’d ever make an original adventure game again, the sad thing for me is that the rights to all of these games have left the hands of anyone who knows their value. Ah, well.

Sure. Never got anywhere, though. Those were the days I was really sucky at IF.

I’m not extraordinary now, of course, but I do seem to be better at solving puzzles.

Yeah, come to think of it I’m pretty sure I had a walkthrough open throughout the entire (often grating but ultimately enjoyable) experience. And the sequel.

A small tribute to LucasArts from “Run, Play, Think” (a video series with an - IMO - genius sense of humor.) Just 5 minutes long: … rospective