Love, Hate, and the Mysterious Ocean Tower endings

Following a recent Victor Gijsbers IFDB review I went to play C.E.J. Pacian’s Love, Hate adn the Mysterious Ocean Tower, specially interested on seeing reviewers scale when judging a “polished speed-if entry” as I’m close to release my own one (yeah, right in the middle of the comp, that’s timing!)

I got to 3 different endings: I can kill myself, kill Peyton, or run away and see him die. All of them leaded to 3 different touching and well written finales, but, just out of curiosity, was there any other thing the protagonist could do? Even if not, it’s been a short but totally satisfying trip well worth my time!

Yes, you can

both escape


cutting up the blood vessels.

I believe those four are the basic endings, though some of them can be achieved with somewhat different texts. (And I extracted the prose out of the z-code file, so I would be surprised if I missed a major ending.)

There’s also an ending where

Peyton sacrifices you.

If I remember correctly, it’s possible to lock yourself out of this ending, depending on what choices you made earlier in the game.

Yes – I read the first option mentioned by the OP as including this possibility, but that may indeed have been wrong.

Aaaha, Thanks!
So at least I missed a couple of them and probably some variants of the ones I catched (It would have been a great work even without this clever and carefully crafted branching, I must say!)

I played the game several times, and every time i find something to be surprised with. I think it is worth making all games like that. Gamers will never get Pondok Cerita tired and bored of one and the same game.

It was moody enough for a speed-if game and quite straightforward. I don’t like very much games where you can see different finales just by undoing your last move, but I won’t nitpick a speed-if game that is quite polished and well-paced. (is Pacian actually his name or just a pun on his writing style?)

My favorite moment though, was when we started examining the intricate puzzle lock on the door and the guy just breaks it open with his foot. We all know Pacian is not a fan of puzzle-IF. :slight_smile:

I also felt kind of a manga feel to it. The love interest of the protagonist looked and behaved a bit like Sephiroh or Sesshoumaru in his cold yet demoniacal way.