Loud House 'game on', hint request

Can’t figure out how to join football game. Any help will be much appreciated.

I become athlete (I gave hair sample to Lisa and she used her device on me) and I have one dollar bill for entrance. I also found footbal stadium.

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Ah yes, it’s a bit obscure this one. You need to THROW BALL AT POST.


Need another hint or blatant help… where to find Omega Grenade for Marty?

Is there a way to use Translater to understand Rover? And does Alien Bug play any role in all this?

You’re on the right track on both counts – you might be running into a guess the verb issue so I’m just going to spoil it if this prompt by itself isn’t enough to get you unstuck:


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Thanks! Yeah, tried many other verbs, but not this one.

Is there a way to end the game? Or the end is when the credits show?

I didn’t find anything beyond the credits, though I could never figure out anything to do with the safes.

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Yes, I also tried everything with safes, especially after credits and I ended up with keys but seems game keys don’t fit safes.

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It seems designed to leave the player in a state of disquieting uncertainty. Is there more or is this the end?

Having said that, I managed to accidentally stumble into ending quite near to the start and then had to go back to finish the middle bit, so it was doubly disquieting for me.


I am really confused. Is there any way to unlock the castle gate or the game gate? For the latter, I have game pass 2 and game pass 3, but I don’t have game pass 1, assuming there is such a thing.

I’ve also bought the video game (I think), but it gave me collectable cards. Is there any way to play the game on the video console?

First paragraph has some general orientation, second paragraph has more directed hints, third has solutions:

Yes, you can get through both; the former before the latter. You need to collect the full set of four gamer passes – each mini-vignette in the hub area contains one, and sounds like you need to complete the Spongebob and TMNT ones to proceed. Each of the sub-areas is self-contained and should have everything you need to get the relevant gamer pass. And on your last question, I think the conceit is that going into these areas is playing the game.

For the Spongebob area, I think familiarity with the characters might help you figure out what to do – I solved this one by trial and error, then googled to determine why what I did worked; I think it’s fair to do that since the puzzle seems to assume you know the cartoon. For the TMNT one, you can’t solve the castle gate before doing something else, but you probably know what that is and just haven’t found the right verb yet.

Spongebob: give Dollar Bill 2 to Mister Krabs, then give the krabby patty to the robot. For TMNT: you need to THROW NUN-CHUCKS AT GUARD. There are a couple more small puzzles after that, but once you’ve solved that first one you should be fine.

Hope this helps!


Thanks for the hints. I made it to the credits, so I guess I’ve finished it.

Man, that was one weird game. I now need to go and read up on all the Nickelodeon cartoon characters, as this was all new to me.

I hope that young Caleb does a bug-fixed version after ParserComp and continues writing adventures.