Lost Treasures of Infocom and LGOP

After seeing that LTOI became available for iOS, I took a look back at by LTOI and LTOI2 packages. I see that if you got LTOI + the CD version of LTOI2, you got the entire catalog except LGOP. Anyone have any info on why that particular title was excepted? It shouldn’t have had the licensing problems that HHGTTG and Shogun eventually had (i.e. Masterpieces).

I see you could order a copy for an extra $9.99, but still - I don’t understand why that particular title was treated specially.

No, I’ve never heard a substantiated theory. I suspect that the reason (and the reason for Nord+Bert being left off the iOS collection) was simple carelessness.

I think actually this was because of it was the only title with “adult” undertones. I don’t have any reference to this, it’s just something I’ve always kind of assumed since I got my grandmother to send off a check for it when I was 13.

sounds about right :open_mouth: