Lost Items extension released!

Here for your use and pleasure is the Lost Items extension, my first extension and my first solo release in Inform 7. I would love to hear comments on the interface, coding and functionality. I hope it is useful to you!


I’m not clear on what official bodies I should submit this to. Does the IF Archive want extensions? Should I ask for this to become a public extensions?

There’s no “Release Extension” option in the IDE, is there? I didn’t know if there was an easy way to publish the documentation or nicely-formatted source on my website.

The Inform 7 website is where I (and I assume most people) go for extensions.

Have you seen this?



That small extension seems highly useful. Still, by reading the source, it seems it doesn’t handle containers nor supporters. That would be a nice addition.


I’m open to ideas. What would you want it to do with containers or supporters?

I’m basically thinking of having some more standard responses.

You see a cardboard box.
> put ball into cardboard box
[some NPC takes the cardboard box later secretly]
> throw ball
The last time you saw the ball it was inside the cardboard box.
> open cardboard box
The last time you saw the cardboard box it was in the kitchen.


Maybe that could be a “use” option - “use default remember holder” vs “use default remember location.” What do you think?

I’ve made a couple small changes. The notice absence rulebook has been changed to the noticing absence activity. There is a new “Did we lose” rulebook so you can customize which items are lost.

The new version is in the same place:


The old version is still there, but it’s been renamed to “Lost Items-1-101203.i7x”.

I think I will submit this now, and consider suggestions such as remembering containers for version 2.

Thanks for the input. Keep it coming!