Looking online for an introductory talk by Zarf on IF (EDIT: found!)

Some time ago, via some link posted on this forum, I read a great talk Zarf has given [somewhere I don’t remember] and the title (which I don’t exactly remember) read along the lines of “Interactive Fiction (or Text Adventures): Why I Still Play/Make a Kind of Games That Was In Fashion When I Was 10 Years Old.”

And I can’t find it again, no matter what I google. Can anyone please help?


UPDATE: Here it is, thanks to Zarf: A Writer’s Guide to Interactive Fiction


Maybe one of his presentations from Narrascope?

I haven’t given a presentation at NarraScope. Too busy behind the scenes.

I keep a list of interview/presentation/podcast links on my web site: https://eblong.com/zarf/interviews.html. It might be there, although it’s also possible that I missed it. Or that the link has rotted.


I could perhaps google it more effectively if I remembered the 3 spell components for IF: “agency” is one, I think. Is “choice” the other? They were key points in that talk.

Oh, probably this: A Writer's Guide to Interactive Fiction


Thank you!!! :pray:

What an amazing website. I 100% approve of Times New Roman, italics and HR tags.

Hey, nothing on my web site says to use Times New Roman. That’s your browser default.


Yes I that was in my mind when I wrote it but I didn’t imagine anyone would point it out :slight_smile:

That page has bad link at the end for learning manuals.


Please update. Thanks.