Looking for yesterday's IF authors

If anyone knows the current email address of one or more of these people, please drop me a PM:

David Dyte
Dennis Matheson
John Kean
J.D. Berry

(I have shortened the list as I have managed to contact some of the authors)



Were you - or anyone else - able to find David Dyte? While looking through some old files, prompted by the recent search for ancient versions of the Frotz source code, I stumbled over a game called Tundra that I was helping him to beta test.

I thought the game was charming, albeit very short, but for one reason or the other it seems that it was never publicly released. So now I’m torn. On one hand, I would love to see it preserved in the IF Archive, but on the other it wouldn’t feel right to upload it without his approval.


I think I ran into him in New York in maybe 2016. No email address though.

I think this is the same David Dyte: http://www.seeninbklyn.com/

Not sure if you can find him through there.

Definitely the same guy. I recognize the hostname, and David Dyte Photography: As Seen in Brooklyn credits some old ifmudders.

The menu link on the site seems to be busted but you can go to http://covehurst.net/ddyte/photos/#contact for an email address.