Looking for Writers

Well I’ve already given looking for game programmers a shot in Tads 3. Found one very helpful person behind the scenes (not a co-programmer but someone who helped me out a lot), and then I took a break when I hit some writers blocks (combined with some of my own struggles), one major and very important block is writing. Surprisingly I’m not sure my mind can switch between programming and writing, this is going to be my first game (short but sweet), and would require descriptions and dialogue, and having someone to help with that would be awesome.

I have a game design document, some history and a basic premise of the world available to start off with.

I write epic fantasy and regular fantasy, and my goal with Interactive Fiction is to create RPGs, similar in size to Blue Lacuna. If you have ever played the Mass Effect series, my goal is to use IF’s to create RPGs like that, a series, with connected lore and the whole bit as my starting point.

I have a degree in Video Game Development, but I’m only a one man team. Trying to net my writer friends has been failing since the only one I have writes for fun in an RPG forum she’s more dedicated to than life, aha. Which leaves me reaching out to people here.

My first game that I make is not connected to some lore I have in the background. And the person(s) I work with would have to be available via regular contact off of this site, for instance Instant Message or Email.

My goal right now is to see if I am in this on my own completely or if I can find some help. If there’s anyone out there I’d love to hear from you.