Looking for VVIP Tester

Well, it’s not VIP, it’s WIP - Work In Progress. But at least I caught your attention.

I’m working on a little game (under Inform 6). Maybe 25% done so far. Will take me aeons to complete it, but it would be a rush of motivation to see someone rushing through the stub it is, reminding me of describing unnecessary scenery objects along the way and laughing at my feeble writing afterwards. So far it features 32 mostly undescribed rooms, 13 autistic NPCs and a handfull of guess-the-word puzzles.

Would one hard-wearing person be so kind as to waste 15 minutes of his/her/its valuable spare time by rushing through my game shell and passing me the transcript afterwards? It’s my first attempt at IF, so don’t expect much, and so won’t I, just a short transcript showing someone actually visited “my” rooms.

Would mean much to me. One victim is really enough, I’d hunt for more in half a year when the game is theoretically solvable (or a whole year, if the summer weather keeps being that good) (and I’m programming on weekends only anyway).


Victim found, thanks!