Looking for testers for the 1st chapter of "The Trials of Rosalinda" [EDIT: TESTERS FOUND]

I’m looking for people willing to test an early version of the game. It’s an introductory „chapter” of the story and pretty much self-contained. Playing through it should take about 30 minutes. I’d like to have some feedback on this project now so that if there are any conceptual issues (with interface, object manipulation etc.) I can fix them at an early stage.

As this is a direct sequel, I’m also interested in knowing how the story works both for people who played The Bones of Rosalinda and those who didn’t (I don’t want to make playing it a requirement).

The game is made with Twine and based around locations, puzzles and dialogue trees.

PM me if you’re interested.


[EDIT: I have found enough testers for this “demo” version. Thanks to all who replied!]