Looking for testers for an experimental multiplayer game!

So, I played Alexisgrad this last comp and I’ve tried out a couple of experiments regarding multiplayer games. I think I’ve gotten something that’s promising, which is mostly because I based it off Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective, but as an experiment in multiplayer IF it seems like something fun.

The game is a multiplayer mystery game, which is intended to be played over voice chat. I don’t anticipate this version being a full game, but I am interested to see what people think.

If you’re interested in testing this out, message me and I’ll see if I can set something up. Unfortunately, this game is intended to be played with voice, so any testers would need a microphone and also we’d need to schedule a time. Still, hopefully I can get a few people to prove out the concept.


Sounds interesting, I’m a big fan of SH Consulting Detective. Count me in :+1:

I have played “The last day or A” with four different partners. Count with me if you need a partner or a tester.