Looking for testers for 4x4 Archipelago version 1.2

I’m wrapping up working on a big update for my Twine RPG 4x4 Archipelago and looking for a few testers who will play it over the next couple of weeks, to check if the new content isn’t broken (and if I didn’t break any of the old content).

Experience with older versions of the game is very welcome, though not necessary.

Testers will have access to cheat commands that enable options like instant EXP/money, healing and “fast travel”, which should make playthroughs faster, if they choose to use them.

This update adds a lot of new content, including: perks (advancements purchased for experience points, provided that skill requirements are met), special encounters for hired allies, underwater areas, new dungeons, enemies, and many new items.

Please PM me or reply here if you can help with the testing!