Looking for Spelunker

I am retieving all the eldest IF games that I can find for any system in order to improve and complete ifdb. I was in a good way by now but I have fetch a game I can’t find. Someone has this one?

Spelunker by Thomas R. Mimlitch 1979 Apple1

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Renga In Blue says it’s on the “Micro On The Apple volume 1” disk, which seems to be here:

I haven’t checked it, though.

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You’ll also need a copy of Micro magazine from October 1979.

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Thank you. I have downloaded this file from 3 sites, zipped and direct. None of them works on candy apple emulator, there must be an error becouse second diskette works (but spelipunker must be in that first one). I have seen i Renga in blue that there was an error in the Spelunker file.


Some disks have no or a bad Dos system/Hello program. boot up a good Dos, type catalog and run the appropiate startup program or if you know how, copy a good Dos (track 0-2) and create a Hello program that runs the startup programs
AAF Packer v1.0 (1990)(Andy Tefft).dsk
White Disk 21A - General Manager (19xx)(-)(Disk 1 of 2)[No Boot].dsk
ZZZ-UNK-Micrapl1 (19xx)(-).dsk…

I don’t know how to do any of both options.

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It’s fiddly as heck! In the emulator I’m using (microM8), the disk booted into a menu. One of the items on the menu was “(V) INTEGER”. So I chose V (for Integer Basic). Then I think I had to say LOAD SPELUNKER. Then LIST 9320 and change line 9320 as per the instructions on Renga In Blue. And then RUN the program.


Thank you very much. I have downloaded that emulator followed your directions and Spelunker is running.
My only question has been what keys prints all the parenthesys and signs of this line of code.


Descriptions from the magazine:

Spelunker is an interactive game. You
must converse with the program in order
to explore the caverns and locate their
treasures. You can talk in sentences, if
you wish; but the program will use only
one verb and one noun to establish
meaning. For this reason, it is best to
converse in verb/noun phrases. In the
case of moving from chamber to
chamber, for example, enter “GO W” or
simply “W” and the verb “GO” will be
implied. The Spelunker program will
move you into the next room to the west
upon receiving this command. Other ex-
amples might include “TAKE LIGHT” or

With this brief introduction you
should be ready to explore the caverns
of Spelunker. While you are about it, try
drawing a map of the cave. You may also
wish to discover exactly what
vocabulary is understood by the pro-
gram. The material that follows is for the
guide only — so don’t ruin your first
adventure by peeking at it.

For the Guide Only

In the 16K APPLE II version of
Spelunker, the chamber descriptions are
not part of the program because of
limited memory size. These room
descriptions have been prepared for the
adventurer’s guide. The guide may read
each room description as the adventurer
enters the chamber for the first time.

  1. Mouth: You are at the mouth of a
    large cavern. The sides of the en-
    trance slope steeply upward, and a
    mysterious passage leads west into
    the cave.

  2. Tree room: A towering, withered
    tree stands in what appears to be a
    dried up river bed. From it you seem
    to hear echoing sounds saying,
    “Water… .water… .water…”

  3. Writing room: Do not read this
    description if the room is dark. The
    writing room is a large, oval
    chamber with tall ceilings and
    massive stalagmites. The smooth
    eastern wall has some writing on
    it — cryptic characters that spell

  4. Pit room: A small chamber with an
    immense stalagtite hanging from
    the center of the ceiling, directly
    over the mouth of a bottomless pit.

  5. South lake shore: You stand at the
    edge of a misty lake that stretches
    endlessly out before you to the

  6. West lake shore: You are standing
    on a damp, sandy shoreline with a
    very low passage leading off to the
    west. A clammy draft issues from
    the low-ceilinged passage.

  7. North lake shore: A small, sandy
    beach on the northern edge of Misty

  8. Maze room: Also known as the
    swiss cheese room. You loose your
    sense of direction because twisting
    passages are coming and going at
    all points of the compass.

  9. Frozen river room: What appears to
    be a petrified river bed slopes gent-
    ly upward leading toward he west. It
    has a low, four-foot ceiling.

  10. Swift-river room: You hear swiftly
    running water, as you enter this
    room, and you see a narrow, churn-
    ing, underground river flowing to
    the south.

  11. Hub room: A magnificently
    decorated chamber with crystaline
    designs and intricate rock forma-
    tions. A narrow, fast moving river
    flows through the hub room.

  12. Ice room: Mysteriously, ice forms

very quickly in this chamber, encap-
sulating anything left there for too
long. There is so much ice that you
can’t even get into the room;
however, you see an exit on the
other side of the chamber.

  1. Chimney room: A small, smoke fill-
    ed chamber with a fire burning in a
    natural fireplace in the north wall.
    Apparently, a chimney leads far up
    through the rock and out of the

  2. Gold room: As you enter this room,
    the first thing that you notice is a
    pile of golden treasures nestled into
    a nook on the far side. Before you
    take another step, a foul-smelling
    ogre jumps out from a hole in the
    side wall and rushes forward to pro-
    tect his gold.

  3. Bones room: Lining the walls of this
    chamber are the skeletons of
    pirates long since dead. An om-
    nious curse is uttered by all of the
    skeletons in unison, as you enter
    the room, and the curse shadows
    your travels throughout the cavern.

  4. Bat room: The ceiling is all but in-
    visible for the tens of thousands of
    bats sleeping there. In one corner of
    this room lies an old, rusted chest.
    As you open the chest, the bats
    begin to stir. Inside the chest is a
    king’s ransom in jewels: diamonds,
    rubies and emeralds.

  5. Ghost room: An eerie feeling of
    demonic power lurks in this

  6. Misty Lake: You are in the middle of
    Misty Lake. A str-ange glow
    emanates from the bottom of the
    lake. You turn off your light and
    notice an enormous, bright pearl
    nestling inside a gigantic clam. The
    clam is at the bottom of the lake, in
    only ten feet of water.

  7. Swift River: This narrow, fast flow-
    ing river is outside the cavern. It
    runs south for a few yards and then
    disappears underground.

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