Looking for regularly available Inform 7 Consultant.

Hey, I’m pretty new to Inform 7 but know most of the basics.
I want to go ahead and get started on one of my many planned IFs.
But I find I am quite frequently running to problems that completely stump me causing me to quit the project completely.
I have grown tired of having to constantly hunt down tutorials/consult the manual/ask questions here.
So I thought maybe a good idea would be to exchange information (AIM/ MSN Messenger…) with someone who considers themselves a whiz with Inform 7 and would be available to messege most of the time.
I would be EXTREMELY thankful if someone is willing to take up this task and I will of course credit them on the project.


You might want to check out ifMUD. It’s pretty good at real-time help or so I’ve heard, and you’ll have more than just one person there to answer questions.

I’m also available, but my rate is $35 every fifteen minutes, billed in 5 minute increments. Let me know if that would work out for you. :sunglasses:

Thanks I’ll check it out.
Also, while tempting, your offer is a bit too pricey for little broke me. :wink:
I would actually be willing to pay for the service but would only be willing to pay by the project not by a time period…

Sleaze, you should also keep on posting your problems to this forum. You could simply make one topic called “Sleaze’s Inform 7 questions” or something. :wink:

I don’t know how much programming experience you have, but if you have little, I have some advice for you that may help you avoid many problems. It’s this: code in very small portions, then compile and test immediately.

If you’ve written 20 lines of code and get an error message, or the game starts behaving in a way you didn’t expect, the problem might be in any of those 20 lines. If you’ve written 2, it must be in those 2 lines. Much easier to find. :slight_smile: I always work this way myself, and it allows me to recognise many problems before they have a chance to become complex.

Thanks for the advice, dude. :mrgreen:
And yeah, I’ll keep posting my problems here then. :slight_smile: