Looking for proofreaders for possible IFComp2021 entry: Taste of Fingers

Taste of Fingers is a story about a man who ended up in the middle of a distant country and an unfamiliar city while the world met its unpleasant end.

Originally, I’ve written it in 2016 in Russian using Twine and Harlowe. Now I’ve shifted to SugarCube and translated it into English using the DeepL service. Though the service is unnaturally great and outpasses all of the automatic translators out there, I still need a native speaker to check the work. It is a short and fast story with small interactivity, hence it shouldn’t take much time to proofread.

Please, PM me if you are interested, and I will send you the HTML of the story and its script in TXT format.


To anyone interested: I’ve used a paid service that I’ve found through Google. It wasn’t cheap, but was quick and convenient.

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I’m glad you found a solution. If I hadn’t been especially busy a couple of weeks ago I would have had a look at it for you.

Still, thanks for the intention.