Looking for M2 Chip Mac Download Location. emshort.com is down?

Hi again.

It looks like the emshort repositories for the files is down or something. In any case, I’ve tried another couple of downloads but even the simplest “story” won’t compile.

Is there a mirror of the official files somewhere or should I wait because the official downloads will soon be back.

Solved… sort of

this link works Release 1.68 unofficial fixed build · angstsmurf/Inform · GitHub

You’re looking for Inform 7 binaries? The official download link is now Releases · ganelson/inform · GitHub .

You can find extensions for 9.3 at Friends of I7 Extensions for v9.3 . They’re not the same as the ones in the public library, but in general that’s a good thing because they’re more recent versions (and many aren’t in the public library).

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The emshort.com domain name has expired; that’s why the 9.3/6M62 Public Library isn’t working.

The 9.3/6M62 Public Library is available again.