Looking for help, or an example


I’ve been tinkering with I6 on and off for a couple of years. I completed one adventure (“Radley Manor”) and am working on another, much more ambitious one.

One of the puzzles involves making a pot of coffee with a big old coffee maker. You need to put in grounds and water, turn the machine on, and put a mug into a receptacle.

I can’t get the “if the empty mug is put into the receptacle, and the other conditions are met, replace the empty mug with a full mug” to work.

Is there a bit of sample or example code out there someone could recommend?

And a general question . . . if I put a bit of code here for comments, can I still enter the overall piece in competition?



I think you could.

OK, I figured it out. The problem with my initial design was a dumb syntax error.

I was using the condition:


Rather than:

coffee_maker has on

Here is the implementation. The “coffeed” and “watered” attributes get set by using a coffee can and a water can, respectively.