Looking for Gargoyle build volunteers

See this mailing list post: groups.google.com/d/msg/garglk- … 6V9L3PAAAJ

The maintainers need people to do Windows and Linux builds.

I am interested in helping. I have a recent archlinux system (intel).

I have downloaded a zip master snapshot from github.com/garglk/garglk [2017-03-24]
I’ve built it and succesfully started a z-machine .z3 game.
(I suggest that we need some kind of automated testing - a big job probably)

I don’t want to use [google groups]. I realize this makes me an awkward ‘special snowflake’.
Is there another forum we can use? intfiction.org for example? Or a freenode IRC channel? Or some other commonly used IF chat system I don’t know about?

Great! Thanks

It has an email interface. You don’t have to use Google’s site. garglk-dev@googlegroups.com

Bumping this! We are still looking for Windows build volunteers.

Chris Spiegel wrote (on the mailing list):

It doesn’t work. At least for me. I’ve tried to build Gargoyle with lots of MinGW distros. No luck. Please can anyone with enough skills build a new Win32 Gargoyle release?

I’ve found the easiest way to build a current version of Gargoyle for Windows is by cross-compiling under Linux. On Windows 10 you can use the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) which works well.

Install the mingw64 cross-compiler and the Jam build tool using (in the WSL bash window):

sudo apt install mingw-w64
sudo apt install ftjam

Next, the Jamrules file needs a slight change to make it build with mingw64:

    MINGWARCH ?= i386-mingw32 ;
    MINGWARCH ?= i686-w64-mingw32 ;

    LINK = $(CC)
    LINK = $(CC) -static-libgcc

To build the binaries run the following command:

jam -sCROSS=y -j4 install

Change the number in the -j option to the number of processors in your build computer to speed up compilation.

If all goes well there should be a new “build” directory. Inside it there should be a “dist” directory. Copy the contents of the “build/dist” directory to a Windows folder, copy the “garglk/garglk.ini” file to the same Windows folder. You should now be able to launch the main “gargoyle.exe” program and everything should work.

The above creates a “portable” version of Gargoyle. I’m not sure what is needed to create an actual installer or even if the installer script still works.

Hope this helps.

Edit: You can get a Win32 release of Gargoyle built using the above steps in the link below. The executables work on my system but there is no guarantee they will work anywhere else. This is my personal Google Drive account so please don’t abuse it. Feel free to host zip file anywhere else.