Looking for feedback on my first IF project

Hi, After a lot of reading and re-reading of all the Inform 7 tutorials I could find, I wrote a short game that I think contains some good prose, a few interesting puzzles, and I’m hoping nothing that is too “head scratching”.

Uncle Clem’s Will begins with you at your Uncle’s house. He disappeared seven years before, has been declared dead, and everything has been left to you, including a gold key. What secrets does the house contain? And more importantly, what happened to Uncle Clem?

I’d love some feedback.

Uncle Clem’s Will



I sent you a lot of specific comments in a message, but so far this game seems actually pretty big, really descriptive, and reminds me a lot of 80’s and 90’s adventures.

I’m a bit stuck, and I was wondering if you have a hint sheet or a walkthrough? I’m interested in seeing the whole game and my puzzle skills aren’t all that great lol


I would like to second Mathbrush’s request for a walkthrough or clue sheet, since I am also stuck!

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I’m working on adding a hint system.


Where are you stuck? Maybe I can help and get you going again?