Looking for Emily Boergheim

Emily, are you out there? You playtested version 2 of my game for me (Berrost’s Challenge), and did a fantastic job of it. If you read this, please shoot me a PM.

If Emily is no longer participating on this forum, I’d appreciate it if someone could provide me here email addy. Since communicating with her, I’ve gotten a new computer and no longer have her email. She was an excellent playtester, and very much responsible for great improvements in my original competition version. I’d very much like to thank her (or recruit her for further playtesting, perhaps, if she’s into it). I’d like to pick up where I left off over 3 years ago and finally release a new, polished version of Berrost’s Challenge.


She’s active on Twitter: https://twitter.com/emilyboegheim

Thanks. However, I’m not active on Twitter. I’ve never used it. :confused:

You can send her a private message here.

(ps. thanks for working on the re-release. Berrost’s Challenge was my #1 I-wish-this-got-a-post-comp-release game that year.)

Just wanted to say that when you get to that point, I’d be really interested in playtesting the game (since you described it elsewhere as “an old-school puzzlefest,” which is something I love). I was a beta-tester for Infocom for about 5 years, if that makes a difference.