Looking for betas for ChoiceScript clockpunk fantasy game

It’s a story of adventure, optional redemption, and SCIENCE.

These hardy souls have already had a go at this story (although that was a year ago): Ben Crispin, Decision Fiction, Ant, mathbrush, Clara Wolfenstein, Jacic, Eric Moser

Here’s the link:
EDITED TO ADD: I just realised that posting the link means this just became a public beta, which is not allowed. I’m going to go talk to someone to see if I’m disqualified and I’ll update when I know.

DM me if you’d still like to beta test the game of this deeply absent-minded soul… we may find that we suddenly have all the time in the world.

Edited to add: After missing the deadline last year (due to getting the submission date wrong twice in one year because my brain hates me) I didn’t look at it for several months, and I live in fear that I lost some comments in the aether. If your name is not in that list, my worst fears have been realised and I am so, so sorry.

I am VERY grateful for all the generous beta testers, this year and other years. I can never repay all the help I’ve received but I will try to do a decent amount of reviews once the contest starts (after I’ve had a nice lie down).


Oh, nice! I’ve been meaning to ask you if you ever finished that and I missed it coming out.

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So I absent-mindedly posted the link publicly, both here and in two other places, so I cunningly managed to disqualify myself from the IF Comp. Sad but true.

It’s not really a big deal, as I’ll publish it as a Hosted Game soon enough. I’m very sorry to all my betas though—and still grateful to have a MUCH better game.

I’m halfway towards being an absent-minded genius though…


I’m so sorry to hear that the link was posted by mistake. When I saw it, I assumed you had other plans for the game than entering the comp.

A fair bit more than halfway, surely?

I only had time for a brief look, but what I saw was beautifully crafted prose and a brilliant premise. This is a loss for IFComp, I’m sure it will be successful as a Hosted Game, and I wouldn’t rule out a Xyzzy or two.

Thank you. That is extremely encouraging, especially right now.