Looking for beta testers/polishers for 85 Verbs (Veeder Expo/Spring Thing)

This game was one of the games entered to event 3 of the 2rvqefg?g (Veeder Expo) and I plan on entering it into Spring Thing as a back garden entry (possibly deferred, if I can’t really finish it in time).

It’s a complete game that has the PC complete a completely linear series of tasks that require them to use 84 of the 85 standard inform verbs (I technically didn’t require the play to use GET DOWN, since it redirects to EXIT). I counted 85 by using the Commands tab in the Inform IDE, it may be wrong, idk

Anyway, it’s just lacking a general layer of polish, and I’d love a tester or two to help find new synonyms or verbs that ought to be implemented or other bad things like picking up the sky. Thanks! Just PM me or reply here and I’ll send you a link. Hoping to be done before March 29, but if not I’ll just defer the game.

I’d love to test this! I can’t play it immediately but should be able to within 48 hours, if that works.

That fits my time frame! I’ll send you a link.

I’d like to test it too!