Looking For Beta Testers For The Time Machine v2.0

I am looking for a 2-3 beta testers for v2.0 of The Time Machine who have never played the game before (I have already reached out to my previous beta testers).

For those who aren’t familiar with the game it is a sequel to the H.G. Wells Victorian sci-fi novella "The Time Machine. I originally created v1.0 for ParserComp 2021, where it ranked 6 out of 18 games. After the competition I fixed some bugs for v1.1 and came up with a plan for a v2.0 to implement some of my original ideas that I didn’t have time to put into the competition version of the game (this was my first attempt with Inform 7).

I have been working on these changes part-time since September 2021 and am planning a v2.0 release sometime in January 2023.

Beta tester responsibilities will be to play the game at least once, provide a transcript of their play, and let me know of any bugs, grammatical errors, or suggestions, either as they play or at the end of their testing.

Please contact me via DM with your contact information if you are interested. I anticipate having the beta version ready in early December 2022.