Looking for beta testers for 'The Black Tower'

This is a game I wrote for the Commodore PET back in 1983 and have just re-written for the PC in more modern form using QB64. It’s a thing of its time, and contains some mazes (though these have been much simplified), has the possibility of sudden death (though generally not unless you do something stupid) and can be put into an unwinnable state (if you’re not careful).

As I’m not entering it for any competitions I’m not concerned about releasing it, but I don’t want to do this until the more obvious bugs have been dealt with.

Be warned that it’s a large game, involving a lot of to-ing and fro-ing, and is most certainly not easy.


Ectocomp starts in 2 days and a lot of testers are testing games for that right now. If you ask again in a week or so, you’ll probably have more luck then!


Thanks - will do.

I’d love to do it! Looks exactly like the kind of game I enjoy.