Looking for beta testers for sci-fi/humor game set in Paranoia XP-like world

Hi all,

Anyone interested in taking a look at my new IF game, Today is the Same as Any Other? It’s a puzzle-based game laced with the dark humor of the old Paranoia RPG game. No experience with Paranoia is required, of course, and the setting - the Bunker - is different.

This the description from the game’s bibliographic data:

Welcome to the Bunker, an orderly, underground utopia where everyone’s needs have been satisfied.

You, Cory Resden, are a population tweaker in I-12 sector. You don’t aspire to much, and your life is fairly unremarkable. But one daystretch you receive a call from a stranger requesting a clandestine meeting in the cleaning station outside your office, and your steady, uneventful existence is turned topsy-turvy.

You never wanted any part of excitement or trouble. You certainly never imagined youself smuggling contraband, unmasking terrorists, and just possibly taking revenge on your petty and cowardly coworkers. Not that the going is easy. It’s is all you can do to avoid being accused, abused, targeted, stunned, drugged, demotivated, cremated, and eviscerated.

But it’s all in a daystretch’s work, citizen. After all, today is the same as any other.

This is my first IF game, so any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I have spent a lot of time on it so it should be free of the most obvious noobie mistakes.

If you are interested, please send me a private message.
Thanks in advance!

Hi there. Congratulations for finishing your game!

I am about to finish playing this game (most probably tonight) and then I will be happy to playtest yours.


Thanks, Giannis! It was a lot of fun, but only half the battle :laughing:

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Thanks so much to the testers who have helped so far! Today is the Same as Any Other has come a long way because of them. Still, I’d love some one or two more people to take a look to help bring it over the finish line.

If you like puzzles and dark humor / sci-fi adventure, you might like Today is the Same as Any Other.

PM me if you are interested. I’d love to hear from you.

Thanks in advance!