Looking for beta testers for new game: The Promise

Allow me to (re)introduce myself. Sean Huxter here. I have been a long-time fan of IF since my first INFOCOM game back when I bought my C64 in 1983. In 2008 I discovered Inform 6 and wrote “Piracy 2.0” which took fifth place in the 2008 IF Comp, thanks to some very good testers.

I took a year off to write a version of “Bejeweled” for the Commodore 64 in the GEOS operating system.

I’m back at IF, this time using Inform 7, and this time with a larger story in three acts.

I’m hoping to enter it into 2011’s Spring Thing.

I am currently wrapping up Act 1 and will soon be ready for testing. Here is the opening blurb. I hope it will recruit a few testers.

The Promise
An Interactive Folk Tale by Sean Huxter

Today is a cold day in the village. You have always been cold, for as long as you can remember, whenever you are outside. Warmth is something you know only from sitting around the fire in woolen blankets, enwrapped in your mother’s warm arms.

Yesterday, in years gone by, when your father was still alive, you remember the three of you huddling near the fire, playing games, talking about your father’s many hunting adventures, and generally feeling warm, regardless of the temperature.

Tomorrow you will be ten years old.

Today you have work to do. You are only nine; you cannot do much of the hard labour your fellow villagers do. Too young to hunt, too young to fish, too young to do any heavy lifting, but you try to be useful. You run errands, do chores, and you hope that one day you can do more. Perhaps this is that day.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring? But today holds such promise.

If you’re interested in helping me test the game, please contact me at sean@huxter.org