Looking for beta testers for IFComp game

I’m looking for a handful of testers for my upcoming IFComp game. Especially for the kind of tester who would point out to me that it makes little sense to talk about a handful of testers, unless the testers were smurfs or I were a giant. :wink:

I’ll put some global details about the game and the testing I need here out in the open, and then a bit more about the game – including content warnings – behind spoiler tags. If you are interested in testing, please send me a PM! I hope to be able to send out a beta version tomorrow evening (since after that I’ll be off to a congress for five days with no access to my computer).

This game is: choice-based, about 2-hours long, technically a romance, highly linear.

What I especially need is good proof-reading: typos, awkward phrases and sentences, unclear passages. I’m writing in a second language yet strive for high-quality and complex prose, so it really needs a good look by native speakers before the competition starts.

Also very welcome: finding bugs (I doubt there are many, due to the linear nature of the game, but so much the worse if there are any), feedback on the narrative, feedback on handling of its many sensitive themes.

Now some more spoilery information:

Title: Turandot
Blurb: An operatic performance. A tale of atonement. A dating sim with a crocodile pit.
Content warning: Sex both good and bad, sexism and other gender issues, abuse, suicide, death, torture, xenophobia, homophobia.

It’s not nearly as dark as the content warnings suggest, I would say, but it’s certainly true that the game has sexual and violent content, and that it touches on a whole load of sensitive issues. For those who have read my previous work: we’re closer to The Baron here than to Kerkerkruip or Terminal Interface. (Though we’re not all that close to The Baron either.)

The game is very very very loosely based on the opera of the same name. You certainly don’t need to know it, but tell me in your PM if you do.