Looking for beta testers for an Adrift game called Networked Mind

Hello, I am active over on the Adrift forum and have been using Adrift off and on for several years, though never actually having completed a game, until now. Note the that I am self-published author who has released several books over the years, so I’m not new to writing, just not IF.


The game is called The Networked Mind and umm… its a pretty sleazy cyberpunk adventure, though its not explicit in its descriptions. I’ll post over the marketing copy I created:
The Networked Mind is a very-sleazy cyberpunk game taking place in Neo-Baltimore in 2076, in a broken America split into various countries. In this world, everyone has an internet chip implanted in their heads for free by a corporation named Veneron, who asks for nothing in return except complete access to a person’s entire life, including their thoughts. Meanwhile society has devolved into a hellscape of addiction and hedonism, with the population too distracted to even care what Veneron is doing.
You play a sleazy middle-aged guy who lives in a hotel. After a night of alcohol, cocaine and hookers, you wake up to find your internet chip is damaged. You attempt to have it repaired, but instead get thrust into a conspiracy to take down Veneron. But not everything is how it appears…

Features include:
-Immerse yourself in an engaging cyberpunk tale set in an alternate America.
-Explore Neo-Baltimore, which is based on real-life Baltimore, right down to the street names and location placement.
-Exploit an augmented reality feature, where you can access things not otherwise available to solve puzzles.
-Solve puzzles like helping a comatose stripper and invading a drug den(and that’s just getting started).
-Interact with dozens of colorful NPCs, many with tons of dialog options.
-Engage in the commerce system, where most puzzle objects aren’t found, they’re bought.

The game is currently at an impasse, all the features are there, but I don’t know if the current game is any good until I get eyes on it, and I don’t want to invest time further polishing if the game needs a major rewrite.

So I’ve come over to see if anyone is willing to beta test the game. If you are, PM me if and I’ll send the blorb or the locked TAF to play and “rip to shreds.”(I can take hard criticism, I have for my books, believe me.)
Thank you!

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