Looking For Beta Tester (Puzzle Game)


I’m looking for testers for an interactive fiction project I’ve been working on for a while. At its base, it’s a treasure hunt/puzzle game (think Zork-style). It is written in more of an Infocom style, and there aren’t any graphics.

You do need Python to play the game (Macs/Linux already have installed in most cases, Windows does not). It was custom built (not Inform or such), unfortunately – the base code was built for a programming class and then I built it out much further from there.

Some small details are likely to still change, such as the Ending and such, but other than that it is basically all written and done. The game does have the ability to SAVE and LOAD (if you’re interested, make sure you say if you are on a Mac/Linux or PC so I can send you the write version so it can save on your device! :smiley: )

The game is puzzly, and I will include the manual and a walkthrough at the same time as the game file (the game also has a built-in hint system, however, they are not straightforward “do this for that” and more cryptic (again, think Infocom hint books).)

Thanks in advance!

I’d be happy to test your game. Should be good to go, Python-wise. I am using a Macbook Pro. Are you looking for any specific feedback?

I will test your game. I enjoy Infocom games and IF puzzles. I have a MacBook Pro.