looking for an editor of html

Please pardon my bad english.

I’ve even installed the wine environment on my linux, just to be able to run any arcane and obsolete software, because I am looking for a html-editor that uses near to zero functions other than opening and saving html-files and hyperlinking them by one click or hit on a key.

I need a pure html writing-and-linking software, WYSIWYG. You are the hypertext experts! Please show me your treasures.

You should be able to write on in the linked-to file without having to do many clicks or inventing a new name and so on. You shoul be able to keep up the flow or assocoative succession or whatever you may call it.

Understand? Or is anyone able to customizew an up-to-date editor, say Open Office or KompoZer, to get that smooth handling for creative writing? MEMPAD is quite good, but it doesn’t use or export html

Thanks a lot.

Actually, you’re thinking of hypertext fiction and we’re more of the parser-fiction types. I’m sure there might be one or two of us who have experience in writing hypertext fiction in pure HTML, but most of us don’t. Maybe you should ask for recommendations on a web developer forum?

I was going to suggest Twine, but I believe it uses Javascript on a single webpage, rather than links to multiple pages.