Looking for an artist

I am looking for someone who’d be interested in helping me making the pictures for a game I have been working on for some time.
I must warn you that it’s an AIF, so naturally the pictures will be of erotic nature.
I am trying to make a game different from the other AI F’s where everything is about sex, and getting as many girls on their back as possible.
This game is, for a change, written from the perspective of a woman, and in short the story is as follows:
The player takes the role of a wealthy young English woman, in the late 1890’s. Because she has fallen in love with the ”wrong” guy back in England her mother thought it would be appropriate to take her on a voyage (In this case to Egypt) so she could forget this unsuitable young man back in England.
However, one day as they visit the bazaar in Cairo, their guide and bodyguard is brutally murdered and the young woman (Penelope) is kidnapped and brought you a distant fort way out in the dessert.
Her job is to try and find her way out of the imprisonment and get back to civilization.

If anyone should be interested in helping me out, please send an e-mail to:

Thank you in advance.

This game is, for a change, written from the perspective of a woman,

how would that be a change? 75% of IF are written from the perspective of a woman… (at least the ones I - randomly - played)

How many and what games have you played? :wink: The only one I know that is especially played from the female perspective is British Fox. I would say that 75% if not more has a male figure as the main character?
Almost all AIF is written by guys for guys …

I think that JC Denton meant IF games in general, not AIF in particular. Although even for modern non-AIF IF, 75% sounds a bit much to me… (And old 1980s IF games relatively rarely had women as player characters: more often, either it was a man or the gender wasn’t mentioned.)

Somebody made a list of AIF games with female PCs on the IFWiki.

Aha… I see… Sorry about that JC. :blush:
But since I specifically mentioned AIF’s in my original posting, I naturally assumed that was what he was refering to.

I will agree with you though Eriorg, that even within IF’s a 75% of the games sounds a bit high to me.
Anyway… I am still looking for someone who’d think it would be fun helping me with the illustrations… :wink:

yes :slight_smile:

never heard of AIF before anyway, I had to guess what the A stands for :wink:

Me neither… animated? amorous?


Try “Adult” :blush:


Silly me.

I would have done a search but I was at work and a little afraid of what it might turn up. :blush: