Looking for a writer!

Hey all,
I am looking for a writer to help me create a game with my new Text Adventure engine that I started working on a couple days ago. If anyone is interested,feel free to contact me, or reply to this. To clarify, I will be the coder, and the writer will be designing the world, etc…

You are probably not going to get a lot of replies with an offer like that. Here’s why:

There are already a lot of engines for creating IF. Many of these have been under development for many years: Inform, the system most in use today, is in its twentieth year of development, and major work is still being done on it! That’s a lot of work for a lone coder to match up to in a few days. Further, established platforms have a base of support around them - libraries, user experience, reputation. If you’re just trying to make an IF system that replicates normal IF behaviour because it seems like a fun thing to do, that’s fine - but you need to think of it as a pet project, and don’t expect anybody else to jump on board.

That doesn’t mean that new systems are automatically a bad idea - people around here are definitely interested in trying out new things! But in order to be compelling, they have to offer something distinctive, something cool that existing systems either can’t do, or can’t do easily. And you need to be clear about what those distinctive features are. When you describe your new system, you need people to start thinking about the games that they could make in that system which they would not have been able to make otherwise.

(Not a distinctive feature: ‘it’s like standard IF, but it’s based on $LANGUAGE, so people who already code in $LANGUAGE will like it.’)

It’s not really meant to be compelling, and I’m not asking for coding help. It would just make it easier on me to find someone to make something with my engine, that is better then what I could do.

If you’re more of a programmer than a writer, think about helping out with one of the existing systems. You can definitely have just as much fun, and people are much more likely to use your work. It’s what I do!

If you’re set on your own system but need an example game, you could use Cloak of Darkness: firthworks.com/roger/cloak/
It is a game that has been implemented in basically every system there is, so authors can compare them. It would also help you ensure yours is sufficiently powerful for basic games.

I might look at other systems out their that I could help with in development…Any suggestions?

What skills do you have/programming languages do you know?

I am very familiar with Lua, and I know programming well enough to learn others quick…ish.

Take a look at this post then: https://intfiction.org/t/git-redux/5080/32

I’m sure Iain would appreciate some help!

Doesn’t really look my style, ill look more into it later on though.

Another good idea, if you just want to try out your system to see what it can do, is port an existing game over to it. You then don’t have to think at all about the content of the game, just the implementation.

I am your writer. Hope you are still seeking!! Just a year or so late… :wink:

I could write for you? What is your theme, i’m best at fantasy…

Sample: The Story begins with a princess in a savage primitive valley deep within the mountains. There lived a lineage there; where a generation of royalty has been raised in a brutal fashion.

Later in story: The beginning was a mundane but critical event, the birth of a princess. Braedrina was brave and smart from age 10. Everything was a s it should be, but soon the whole realm would be in danger, and woken from it’s slumber.

Any good?

Writers are like buses. You wait a year, then two come along at once.

So true…and now no reply from program writer! Awwww… guess I must continue my search. :slight_smile: