Looking for a writer companion


My name is Parham, and I’m from Iran. I’m new to these forums. :slight_smile:

I’m more of a programmer than a writer. However, I’d like to create works of interactive fiction (I had an entry into the AbilityComp in 2009). Since I’m not a good writer as of this moment, I’d like to pair up with someone who is experienced in writing, so that together, we can produce something great. Even if you know how to program your game, I’d love to pair up with you so that I can learn how the writing process works. Plus, I’m not much of a soloist.

I’m fine with both TADS3 and Inform 7, although I prefer the former.


Hello, Parham.

I’ve been looking for a writing companion myself, but perhaps we will find that the sum of two programmers can be a writer! See the thread below for my ideas on the subject, and write me if you think you might be interested in teaming up:




a writer of programs :laughing:

but good luck

Is this supposed to be funny?

@ parham: If you’re still looking for an author, I’m willing to help you out.

Well, I’m unfortunately so much stuck with work at the moment that starting another project on the side would be very problematic. Such a shame we couldn’t connect when I had time :frowning:

I’ll leave another message here once I’m free, though. Hopefully you will be free then, too.

Cool. Good luck with work!

@ parham, if you still need a writer I can help. PM me if you like.

Thanks! Work is hectic right now, but I’ll definitely PM you once I’m free.

Thanks a lot for replying. I really appreciate it.