Looking for a stable rule for displaying images everywhere.

I’m planning a graphical adventure and Inform 7 is what I would like to use. I looked at several posts here and figured out some basic ways to display images. Except, I would like to be sure I can correctly setup some initial rules that I never have to change throughout the game.

First of all, I will have an image for each and every location.

One post mentions to setup variables for the figures, so you don’t have to write a rule for each room. I don’t know how to do this, can someone please show me.

So for example, I have a TEST game that has 5 rooms Room1 Room2 … Room5

I will have 5 Figures, mypic1 mypic2 … mypic5

So in a blank story, what can I setup initially to have the pictures show up in each room as the player enters. I will of course add more rooms, so when I add something, I will want the code for the pictures at the beginning, so I think this is what was meant by setting up variables.

If you can help me, thank you.

There’s actually an extension (a.k.a. include file, header file, library) for exactly that task, Location Images by Emily Short. It depends on Simple Graphical Window by Emily Short (which splits off part of the screen for showing images), so you’ll need that one too.

Thank you, … is it supported or updated? or is it considered stable for regular use. I don’t know much about extensions yet.

Extensions in the Public Library (such as these two) are assumed to be well-tested and stable for the latest version of Inform 7 (6L38). Occasionally bugs are found, but they’re usually very specific and obscure things. Ones in the Github repo are considered a bit more experimental, and range from “I’m testing this now if anyone wants to help me out” to “everything works but I don’t want to commit to maintaining this in the Public Library yet”.