Looking for a proofreader/writing buddy

Being an Italian trying to write in English, I’m in dire need of a native proofreader - an european wold be ideal because of time-zones, but I’m not fussy.
Since my grammar is still a bit wonky, I can’t reciprocate the favour, but I’m good with brainstorming, general feedback, spotting plot holes and general chit-chatting. I’m also a (mediocre) artist and can do stuff with HTML.

My works will most likely contain:

  • Science fiction
  • Surrealism
  • Gross stuff
  • An utter lack of seriousness

If you like what I like and you’re looking for a buddy, send me a note!
(If you don’t, maybe send me a PM anyway - I feel like the new kid on the block and idk how to socialize on forums anymore AAAAAH.)

This sounds awesome! I’ve had a project idea for a while and am just getting started experimenting with inform… I have more experience with twine but I need to focus on the plot more without getting distracted by special hypertext effects. I’m into all the stuff you are into and my game ideas are largely focused on spirituality/metaphysical themes. I’d love to help proofread your work and connect!!