Looking For A Programmer

Hi all.

I grew up playing Infocom and other games on an Atari 800 our uncle had given us. I also learned to program on that same console in BASIC. Back then, you’d slam a dark brown cartridge down into the Atari to use BASIC, and I did this many a night to program my own IF games. I later learned C++ in college so I have some framework for programming and IF.

I’ve written my whole life. I’ve worked at times as a commercial scriptwriter and playwright. I am currently the top writer on storywars.net. I have a few websites with other writing, performances as an actor, work as a professional artist, published graphic novels, and an Internet (parody) radio station.

I love the documentary “Get Lamp” and want to write IF that could be provocative, hilarious, moving, artistic. Some of my own inspirations as a creative have been Andrei Tarkovsky, Forgotten Realms, Paul Auster, Calvin & Hobbies, Aphex Twin, Anton Chekhov, Choose Your Own Adventure, Douglas Adams, Space Quest, That Game Company, The World is Broken, etc.

If this kind of stuff appeals to you too, let’s talk. I have a number of ideas for IF and want to collaborate with someone with the same vibe and interests.

I’m happy to share some of my work if you’re interested.

I’m not available for a new project, but I am curious.

Usually, people searching for programmers are uncomfortable with learning Inform 7 or TADS, but that doesn’t seem to be the case for you. What causes you to want a collaborator?

Yeah, I know why. Having someone to bounce ideas off, someone to keep you going when you start to sag, someone to spot your bugs before you do.

Are you still looking for a programmer? I’m always available, although I do have a WIP that needs implementing (but, you know how some IF authors are about procrastination). If you’re still interested, send me a PM.