Looking for a programer.

Hello, I am looking for a programer of I.F. games.
I have tried to do programming, but I was not so successful at it.
However I am able to write out description of rooms, items, object of the game.
All I need is someone that is willing to do the programming for me.
I do and hope to look forward in working with someone.

An IF is a lot more than just descriptions of things in the game world. There will also be lots of responses to various verbs and commands.

Perhaps you could work on a mock transcript of what you’d like. Then a programmer would have a lot more information to work with. And if you don’t publish the transcript publicly then I doubt you’ll get any volunteers.

What I always tell people that are looking for a programmer, is to get a good Game Design Document created. I just want a writer, so I can help you. Contact me!

I am a writer in search of programmer. I will give first section of completed work with multiple paths. I am new to this forum. I will be published on Google play store and others. Any recommendations on who to trust?

Iffy question, because AFAIK everyone who will offer to help you program is either a) trustworthy (I certainly trust the vast majority of the people in this forum), or b) worthy of a chance to earn your trust if you never heard of them.

I wouldn’t recommend that you focus on this point. If you get multiple programmers applying (and I think you’ll need to give out more information about your project before you get applicants), have a chat with each of them, explain what your project is about and what you need. Then see which of them would be more suited to your way of working, and with whom you have the best rapport.

Wonderful advice! I will post soon independently. Thanks again!

I have found a programmer at this time. Thanks everyone! !